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  21 Oct 2005

We are happy for everybody who volunteers in testing the J.I.M. You really don't need much expertise in programming & technical things to do so effectivly. Of course, we are happy on any technical hint or evaluation on a bug that leads to a fix, but the recognition & precise reporting of a bug is more important and helpful than that. This is because most bugs can be solved quite easily if you identified them & know how to reproduce them.

To volunteer & to become part of the J.I.M community download our latest testing release. If you feel uncomfortable with posting a bug, please try our latest stable release (not out yet ;-) )


  1. Our latest stable build is: jxtaim-0.1i
  2. Our latest testing build: -
  3. Our latest nighly build: -

Help / Forum

In recent history, I (asac) received a good amount of private mail asking for help or support. In consequence, I decided to set up a forum to add a low barrier communication channel for all user discussion. For now, I allowed anonymous postings, so please honor this and stick to public communication channels for help, support and all other requests ... thus:

=> post your request in the forum

Help / IRC

Join our #jxtaim channel on freenode (server: irc.freenode.net) and for now, be patient.

Report A Bug
Reporting a bug is most crucial for enhancing stability/maturity of our products. Good Testing & Bug Reporting, will eventually lead to higher quality & usability of our software.

To post a bug, please go here.

Bug Writing
As posting bugs is most important for the propagation of a bug, the way of writing a bug is most important the worthness of such a report. Please remember when posting a bug, that we must read & understand it. In order to fix a bug, a developer needs to know:

  1. in exactly what situation have you been when you encountered the bug.
  2. what was the behaviour that led you to the conclusion that this was a bug.
  3. Can you reproduce the bug? Please state what steps you have to do in order to reproduce it.
  4. Are there any exceptions in the log file (JIM.log) that occur during bug exposure?? please append them to the bug report. If you can reproduce the bug after restart & you feel unconforatble about reading the JIM.log, please restart with prior deletion of the JIM.log file (in the installation directory). then reproduce the bug and attach the log file to the bug report.
  5. In addition to report coding bugs, you are encourage to post any inusabilities you recipate. Consider to post a RFE if you like to see some fundamental changes in user interface design/usability or functionality.
Please, remember!! Bug Posting cannot be unified like other things. Stay in tune with the bug you posted & answer request from developers that need more information on that issue. You can subscribe to the Tracker Mailing list to monitor progress on your bug, or create a sf account, which will automatically monitor bugs you posted to our bug tracking system.

Last modified Oct 21, 2005.